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Hemophilia Treatment in Korea

KHF Clinics
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KHF Clinics

KHF managed 3 Clinics for treatment,
rehabilitation and improving QOL of
hemophilia patients.

In 1990, there were only three designated hospitals for hemophilia in Korea.
Hemophilia patients had considerable trouble getting the
treatment that they needed.

KHF and KHF Clinic were established at the same time so that
hemophilia patients could have access to specialized treatment
more easily (February 11, 1991). After that time, Gwangju Clinic
was opened in 2006, and Busan Clinic was opened in 2007.



KHF Clinic (Seoul)

Medical Office

Director Dr. Ki-Young Yoo, PhD.
Address 70, Saimdang-ro, Seocho-gu Seoul, Korea, 06641
Tel 82-2-3473-6107
Fax 82-2-3473-6644


  • Pediatrician (2)
  • Nurse (3)
  • Physiotherapist (2)
  • Medical Technologist(3)
  • Receptionist (1)
  • Homecare nurse (2)

Roles : Central registry of hemophilia

  • Treatment of bleeding, prophylaxis, ITI
  • Rehabilitation
  • Laboratory & radiological examination
  • Genetic analysis

Physiotherapy Unit

  • Physiotherapy : Muscle Strengthening, correction of FC, Post-op, PT
  • Hydrotherapy : Hot pack, Cold pack, Whirlpool
  • Electrotherapy : TENS, ICT, Ultrasound
  • Regular Follow up of musculoskeletal function

Radiology Unit

  • X-ray : Hemophilic arthropathy, fractures
  • Ultrasound : Abdominal Sono, Musculoskeletal Sono

Laboratory Unit

  • FⅧ , Ⅸ assay(one stage assay)
  • Inhibitor assay(Bethesda, Nijmegen)
  • Nonfunctional inhibitor
  • FⅦ a activity
  • TEG(with relocity velocity profile), TGA
  • FⅧ /vWF binding assay
  • vWF;Ag, vWFR;co(ELISA), RIPA(whole blood), Collagen binding assay(ELISA)
  • Factor Ⅷ Ag(ELISA)
  • Antibody epitopes assay(immunoblot)

Molecular genetic laboratory

  • Carrier Detection : Linkage analysis, DNA sequencing
  • Prenatal Diagnosis : CVS, amniocentesis, cordocentesis
  • Genetic Mutation : inversion, insertion, deletion, point mutation