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Available Factors in Korea

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Development of Factor Concentrates

Before 1974 Whole plasma or FFP were used for hemophilia treatment
Some patients could use personal imported factor concentrates
1974 AHF was produced by Korea Green Cross Co.
1987~1995 Octa-Ⅵ (ion change high purify Factor Ⅷ) was produced by Korea Green Cross Co.
Octa-Ⅵ using TNBP was produced 1989. It changes the name 'Green Eight' 1995
Facnyne (pdFⅨ) was produced by Korea Green Cross Co.
1998 FEIBA (aPCC) was imported
2000 GreenMono (pdFⅧ, monoclonal Ab, S/D, +albumin) was produced by Green Cross Co.
Monoclate-P (pdFⅧ), NovoSeven (rⅦa) were imported
2003 Recombinant factor concentrates were imported (Recombinate, BeneFix)
2005 Immunate (pdFⅧ+vWF) was imported
2009 ADVATE (rFⅧ) was imported
2010 Kogenate FS (rFⅧ) was imported
2011 GreenGene F (rFⅧ, no albumin) was produced by Green Cross Co.
2012 Xyntha (rFⅧ) was imported
2016 Rixubis (rFⅨ) was imported
2018 Adynovate(rFⅧ) was imported

Domestic factor concentrates

GreenGene F : rFⅧ, no albumin
GreenMono : FⅧ, monoclonal Ab, S/D, + albumin
GreenEight : FⅧ & vWF, chromatography, S/D, no albumin
Facnyne : PCC, S/D
Greenplast : fibrin glue

Imported factor concentrates

Monoclate-P : FⅧ monoclonal Ab, pasteurization, +albumin
Advate, Koginate FS, Xyntha: rFⅧ
BeneFix , Rixubis : rFⅨ
NovoSeven : rFⅦa
Immunate : pd FⅧ+vWF